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Nuffield Health Tunbridge Wells Hospital

Kingswood Rd, Tunbridge Wells TN2 4UL, UK – 01892 531111

I recently had a Gastroscopy performed by Dr Adam Harris @ The Nuffield Tunbridge Wells. I could not fault my experience, Hospital & Staff extremely good. Dr Harris reassured me, as I was a bit nervous. I was expecting maybe a sore throat afterwards, but nothing! Would recommend.

Excellent Hospital with friendly staff. Been here a few times for procedures and have always been looked after. Seems to have had rooms modernised since my last visit. CT scanner in the building would be a useful addition.

Tunbridge Wells Hospital

Tonbridge Rd, Pembury, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells TN2 4QJ, UK – 01892 823535

Excellent hospital. Had to stay in here for a while and was extremely well looked after. I like the single rooms as it means your sleep is less broken and you are not sharing a ward with a litany of other ailments that might adversely effect you. The staff are helpful and usually on the dot with treatment. They are respectful of your privacy and will endeavour to help. A lot of people I know don't like the way the hospital is set up but for a younger person I found it amazing. Being in hospital is not an experience anyone wants so this was quite refreshing. I personally would like to see more places taking this approach not only for the infection control that it allows but the privacy. Something that can be difficult to get in a hospital. My one gripe is the outpatient side. It can overrun by almost an hour when seeing specialists. I know this isn't usually there fault but more could be done to wheedle out unnecessary appointments. Plus the consultant shouldn't wait 10 -20 minutes for someone to turn up. If they are late they are late. Get others in it would make things run much smoother.

Nice swanky hospital, but NO good for disabled !! You have a short walk from the nearest car park, always assuming that you can find a space. Then, if you have an appointment, you have to scan the barcode on your appointment letter. Then you wait by the entrance until your name appears on a screen telling you which outpatients area to go to next (A or B). B is quite a walk for disabled people. Then you have to check in AGAIN and then wait until your name comes up on the screen telling you which room number to go to. The hospital was obviously not designed by a person with disabled in mind. Clinics normally run late and it is frustrating at times to find nurses having a good chinwag. Yet you are told there is a "shortage of staff". Treatments are, when you finally get there, quite good. On visits to the hospital several times in the last 6 weeks, 2 disabled spaces have been blocked off for the use of contractors working at the hospital laying (if you can believe the wording on the side of the van) imprinted concrete !!! I have mentioned the lack of suitable disabled parking to staff only to be told to park in the car park up the hill. So it seems that if you are disabled, then this hospital is NOT FOR YOU !!

Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

Tonbridge Rd, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells TN2 4QJ, UK – 01622 729000

I am visiting the area from Stoke and have been truely amazed by the experience. It started in Maidstone with helpful, caring staff who went out of their way, and beyond their pay grade. Next came Tunbridge as a referral. Slick, decisive and empathetic all in one. You really are fortunate to have this facility.

Very clean, light and easy to get round. Clear marking to guide you around the building. How modern hospitals should be. The only problem is that the parking facilities are terrible. There are simply not enough parking places for anyone. The staff parking is even more limited so they are forced to park in the regular parking area, causing huge parking problems for everyone. Solutions have been to park along the road leading up to the hospital or in the garden centre across the road.

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The new NHS website below is very well worth a look. Hospitals are not only listed but evaluated. I certainly know which ones I would go to! At the very least you will know what questions to ask if you are sent to one which has not entered its data. Good luck!
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